Lusine Breitscheidel

Lusine Breitscheidel
Lusine Breitscheidel

Short Biography
Born Armenian, I lived in the United States and now reside in Germany - these changes shaped my mind and evolved me into a cosmopolite.

Years ago I made a decision to start building my own private collection of artworks. Being small at the moment, it grows each time I discover someone talented.

My major interests are time management and emotional intelligence.

Dicono di lei

Mysterious, poignant, surreal, visionary.

There are many words that aptly describe the work of Armenian artist, Dr. Lusine Breitscheidel, who possesses a painterly virtuoso and expansive imagination.

A step into Breitscheidel’s world is two steps away from ordinary reality.

Beautiful environs, pastoral or urban, splay out toward radiant horizons, the inhabitants of which are presented in varying degrees of realism.

There may be unassuming jeans-clad suburbanites in one piece while another may feature supernatural characters with horns, wings, or exposed bones.

Even in the most seemingly ordinary tableau there is always the sense of impending commotion, as if at any moment the scene’s peace may be shattered.

Selected group exhibitions



23Mar-13Apr 2010, Agora Gallery, New York: Contemporary German Art. The New York Experience.


15-26Apr 2011, Biennale Austria, Salzburg: "Culture shock". 


16Apr-16Jul 2011, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas: International Contemporary Masters. 


1-5Jun 2011, The Castle of Charles V, Monopoli (Bari), Italy: Il mare, luogo di frontiera.



14-23Sep 2011, Perlov Design Center, St.Petersburg: International Exhibition, dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Diaghilev Art Foundation.



22-29Dec 2011, Old Jaffa Museum of Antiquities, Tel Aviv: Lights in the Winter.  



6-24Apr 2012, Contemporary Art Museum of the St.Petersburg State University, St.Petersburg: Luminoforma.  



16Jun-1Jul 2012, Kloster Benediktbeuern, Germany: Natur lernen - Kunst schaffen. 


15-22Sep 2012, Chianciano Art Museum, Chianciano Terme, Italy: Chianciano International Art Award 2012.  


Solo exhibitions

1-31Mar 2011, IMS HEALTH, Munich: Breitscheidels´ Stories. 


13May-13Jun 2012, Art Installation in Public Space, Sansaro ArtBox, Amalienpassage, Munich: People, Animals, the Trap.  



5Nov-21Dec 2012, Baden-Wuerttemberg State Department of Health, Stuttgart, Germany: Jedes Kind zählt - kein Kind darf verloren gehen.


21Sep-4Oct 2010, The Brick Lane Gallery, London: Art in Mind.



Breitscheidel Lusine - Markov modelling of life cycles II Afghanistan - acrilico tela - 50 X 70
Breitscheidel Lusine - Markov modelling of life cycles II Afghanistan - acrilico tela - 50 X 70
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